Background Screening

menworkingWhy Screen Employee Backgrounds?
Security is essential in today’s workplace. You need complete background information on all employees to make informed workplace decisions. An employee with a history of criminal behavior, undisclosed to you in the application and interview process, could put your business at risk of property theft, embezzlement, fraud or bodily injury to other employees. An employee that has misrepresented his licenses, credentials, credit status, educational background or employment skills could pose a considerable liability risk or cost your company unnecessary time and money.

Professional Drug Screening Services uses web-based programs to supply you with a comprehensive package to meet your individual screening needs. We are dedicated to providing you with timely, accurate and cost-effective background screening along with outstanding personalized customer service to give you the confidence and peace of mind you need to make all your hiring decisions.

-Criminal Background Checks
Professional Drug Screening Services can efficiently access county, state or nationwide criminal records in all 50 states for your potential employees.  Professional Drug Screening Services can provide you with information that has been made public regarding any felony or misdemeanor charges.
– Motor Vehicle Reports
Professional Drug Screening can quickly provide you with a statewide report to confirm the validity of an employee’s drivers license as this information is crucial if you have employees that will be driving a company-owned vehicle or driving their own vehicle on company time.

– Credit Checks
Professional Drug Screening can generate a full credit report on any potential or current employee that will be handling money or have access to your banking records, accounts or valuable company property.

– Employment Verification
Professional Drug Screening Services uses a variety of methods and sources to verify the accuracy of your potential employee’s previous personal and employment history.  Places and exact dates of employment, as well as specific job duties and job performance evaluation, can be obtained to assist you in making wise hiring decisions.